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Network Compression

You can enable a driver option to compress messages which reduces the amount of data passed over the network between MongoDB and your application.

The driver supports the following algorithms:

  1. Snappy: available in MongoDB 3.4 and later.

  2. Zlib: available in MongoDB 3.6 and later.

  3. Zstandard: available in MongoDB 4.2 and later.

The driver tests against the following versions of these libraries:

  • org.xerial.snappy:snappy-java:

  • com.github.luben:zstd-jni:1.5.5-3

If you specify multiple compression algorithms, the driver selects the first one in the list supported by the MongoDB instance to which it is connected.


Applications that require Snappy or Zstandard compression must add explicit dependencies for those algorithms.

You can enable compression for the connection to your MongoDB instance by specifying the algorithms in one of two ways: adding the parameter to your connection string using ConnectionString or by calling the method in the MongoClientSettings.Builder class.

The JDK supports Zlib compression natively, but Snappy and Zstandard depend on open source implementations. See snappy-java and zstd-java for details.

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