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Configuration File Settings

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You can use a configuration file to customize MongoDB Compass settings at startup. You cannot override any settings that have been set with a configuration file on the Compass interface.

  • For macOS and Linux, the configuration file is located at /etc/mongodb-compass.conf.

  • For Windows, the configuration file is located at <path\to\compass>\..\mongodb-compass.cfg.

You can configure Compass configuration file settings in either EJSON or YAML format.

"setting": value,
"setting": value,
setting option: value
setting option: value
Allow Compass to periodically check for new updates.

Enable Chrome DevTools in Compass.

To learn more, see Toggle Chrome DevTools.

Allow Compass to make requests to third-party mapping services.

Enable or disable the embedded MongoDB Shell on Compass.

To learn more, see Disable the Embedded MongoDB Shell.

Assign connection option values for when you connect to your MongoDB deployment through Compass. These connection options cannot be overridden by connections from the Compass interface or a command line connection string.

Allow or disallow additional command-line option flags.

Register Compass as a handler for mongodb:// and mongodb+srv:// URLs.

If Install Compass as URL Protocol Handler is enabled, you can open Compass by navigating to a mongodb:// or mongodb+srv:// URL in your internet browser.

Available on macOS and Windows.

Specify an upper time limit for all Compass database operations.
Prevent MongoDB Compass from performing outgoing network operations other than those to the database.

Hide credentials in your connection string. Passwords in connection strings are displayed as *****

Prevent users from performing write operations to your MongoDB deployment through Compass.

To learn more, see Restrict Write Operations to MongoDB.

Show or hide the Kerberos password field on the Compass connection form.

To learn more, see Display the Kerberos Password Field.

Specify the MongoDB Compass UI theme. The supported themes are DARK, LIGHT, and OS_THEME.
Allow Compass to send anonymous usage statistics.


To view all available Compass configuration options, run the following command in the folder containing your MongoDB Compass executable:

<path-to-Compass-executable> --help

To view a sample Compass configuration file, run the following command:

<path-to-Compass-executable> --show-example-config

If you do not already have a configuration file, run the following command to create a configuration file that uses the sample configuration settings:

<path-to-Compass-executable> --show-example-config > /etc/mongodb-compass.conf
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