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MongoDB Cluster-to-Cluster Sync

mongosync States

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mongosync enters different states depending on the requests it receives. mongosync can only be in a single state at a given time. The current mongosync states determines which API operations you can run.

This page describes mongosync states.

To view the current state of mongosync, use the /progress. endpoint. The /progress endpoint returns the state in the state field.

The following table describes each state and lists the permitted operations in that state.

Possible API Operations


mongosync is initialized and ready for a sync job to begin.


The sync process is currently running. In this state, data is initially synced to the destination cluster. Subsequent writes to the source cluster are applied to the destination cluster.


The sync process is paused. To resume the sync process, send a request to the /resume endpoint.


The cutover for the sync process has started. The time it takes to transition to the COMMITTED phase depends on lagTimeSeconds. To monitor lagTimeSeconds or to see if mongosync has finished committing, use the /progress endpoint.


The cutover for the sync process is complete.
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