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Atlas Search is a Game Changer!

Karen Huaulme2 min read • Published Dec 07, 2022 • Updated Dec 07, 2022
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Every four years, for the sake of blending in, I pretend to know soccer (football, for my non-American friends). I smile. I cheer. I pretend to understand what "offsides" means. But what do I know about soccer, anyway? My soccer knowledge is solely defined by my status as a former soccer mom with an addiction to Ted Lasso.
When the massive soccer tournaments are on, I’m overwhelmed by the exhilarated masses. Painted faces to match their colorful soccer jerseys. Jerseys with unfamiliar names from far away places. I recognize Messi and Ronaldo, but the others? Mkhitaryan, Szczęsny, Großkreutz? How can I look up their stats to feign familiarity when I have no idea how to spell their names?
Well, now there’s an app for that. And it’s built with Atlas Search: Check out the video tutorial:
Build your own dream team! 
With Atlas Search Soccer,  you can scour across 22,000 players to build your own dream team of players across national and club teams. This instance of Atlas Search lets you search on a variety of different parameters and data types. Equipped with only a search box, sliders, and checkboxes, find the world's best players with the most impossible-to-spell names to build out your own dream team. Autocomplete, wildcard, and filters to find Ibrahimović, Błaszczykowski, and Szczęsny? No problem!
When you pick a footballer for your team, he is written to local storage on your device. That way, your team stays warmed up and on the pitch even after you close your browser. You can then compare your dream team with your friends.
Impress your soccerphile friends!
Atlas Search Soccer grants you instant credibility in sports bars. Who is the best current French player? Who plays goalie for Arsenal? Is Ronaldo from Portugal or Brazil?  You can say with confidence because you have the DATA! Atlas Search lets you find it fast!
Learn all the $search Skills and Drills!
As you interact with the application, you'll see the $search operator in a MongoDB aggregation pipeline live in-action! Click on the Advanced Scouting image for more options using the compound operator. Learn all the ways and plays to build complex, fine-grained, full-text searches across text, date, and numerics.
  • search operators
    • text
    • wildcard
    • autocomplete
    • range
    • moreLikeThis
  • fuzzy matching
  • indexes and analyzers
  • compound operator
  • relevance based scoring
  • custom score modifiers
  • filters, facets and counts
Over the next season, we will launch a series of tutorials, breaking down how to implement all of these features. We can even cover GraphQL and the Data API if we head into extra time. And of course, we will provide tips and tricks for optimal performance.
Gain a home-field advantage by playing in your own stadium!
Here is the repo so you can build Atlas Search Soccer on your own free-forever cluster.
So give it a shot. You'll be an Atlas Search pro in no time!

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