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John Page

Distinguished Engineer - Glasgow, Scotland

John is a Document database veteran, who spent 18 years building full-stack document database technologies for the Police and Intelligence community in the UK, US and Middle east before joining MongoDB in 2013. In that role he worked on both the underlying core database (Low level C) as well as API layers and user-facing applications built with those API's in C++, C#, Visual Basic, Java, PERL and Javascript. In his 8 years at MongoDB John has worked as a Solution Architect, Principal Consultant and Distinguished Engineer in Professional services . In his own words "I've now given the opportunity to build all the things I always wanted to as long as I share the code with our community." John is a keen Cyclist, Maker, Coder, Nature lover, and Dog owner who tries to find ways to combine all of those things for work and fun. He claims to have a Passion for all things STEM but hasn't managed to teach his dogs to code ... yet.

Articles by John Page


Using the Atlas Data Api with Google Apps Script

This Article teaches you how to call the Atlas Data API from a Google Sheets spreadsheet using Google Apps Script.


Creating an API with the AWS API Gateway and the Atlas Data API

In this article we look at how the Atlas Data API is a great choice for accessing MongoDB Atlas from AWS Lambda Functions by creating a custom API with the AWS API Gateway.


Christmas Lights and Webcams with the MongoDB Data API

I built a Christmas tree with an API so you, dear reader, can control the lights as well as a webcam to view it. All built using ESP32 Microcontrollers, Neopixels and the MongoDB Atlas Data API.


Using the Atlas Data API from Excel with Power Query

This Article shows you how to run Queries and Aggregations again MongoDB Atlas using the Power Query function in Microsoft Excel.


An Introduction to the MongoDB Atlas Data API

This article introduced the Atlas Data API and describes how to enable it and then call it from cURL and Postman.


Paginations 1.0: Time Series Collections in five minutes

A brief, animated introduction to what Time-Series data is, why is challenging for traditional database structures and how MongoDB Time-Series Collections are specially adapted to managing this sort of data.


Aggregation Pipeline: Applying Benford's Law to COVID-19 Data

Using the MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline to apply Benford's law on the COVID-19 date set from Johns Hopkins University.

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