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Brian Leonard

Solutions Architect - Jacksonville, FL

Brian Leonard is a Solutions Architect at MongoDB where he is responsible for helping customers gain a competitive advantage through the design of agile, reliable and scalable systems. Prior to joining MongoDB, Brian served in many engineering roles at Sun Microsystems and Oracle, working closely with application servers, developer tools, operating systems, middleware and finally cloud platform solutions, especially those focused on application development.

Articles by Brian Leonard


Auto Pausing Inactive Clusters

One of Atlas' many great features is that it provides you the ability to pause clusters that are not currently needed, which primarily includes non-prod environments. This article shows you how to automatically pause clusters that go unused for a any period of time that you desire.


MongoDB Network Compression: A Win-Win

An under advertised feature of MongoDB is its ability to compress data between the client and the server. This blog will show you exactly how to enable network compression along with a script you can run to see concrete results. Not only will you save some $, but your performance will also likely improve - a true win-win.


GraphQL: The Easy Way to Do the Hard Stuff

We'll do the hard stuff the easy way by starting only with data and building out an entire site using GraphQL.

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