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Andrew Morgan

Staff Developer Advocate - UK

Andrew started his career developing real-time database software before eventually moving into product management for MySQL/Oracle. In 2015, he jumped at the chance to join MongoDB as a product marketeer, and he's since wormed his way back into software development. His current role is to develop and build content around mobile apps using Realm.

Articles by Andrew Morgan


Goodbye NSPredicate, hello Realm Swift Query API

New type-safe queries in Realm's Swift SDK


Making SwiftUI Previews Work For You

Get the most out of iOS Canvas previews to improve your productivity and app quality


Most Useful iOS 15 SwiftUI Features

See how to use some of the most useful new iOS 15 SwiftUI features in your mobile apps


Migrating Your iOS App's Realm Schema in Production

Learn how to safely update your iOS app's Realm schema to support new functionality—without losing any existing data


Build Offline-First Mobile Apps by Caching API Results in Realm

Learn how to make your mobile app always-on, even when you can't connect to your API.


Migrating Your iOS App's Synced Realm Schema in Production

When you add features to your app, you may need to modify your Realm schema. Here, we step through how to migrate your synced schema and data.


Using Maps and Location Data in Your SwiftUI (+Realm) App

Learn how to use the new Map view from iOS Map Kit in your SwiftUI/Realm apps. Also see how to use iOS location in Realm, Atlas, and Charts.


Migrating a SwiftUI iOS App from Core Data to Realm

A guide to porting a SwiftUI iOS app from Core Data to MongoDB.


Realm Partitioning Strategies

How to use Realm partitions to make your app efficient, performant, and secure.


Adapting Apple's Scrumdinger SwiftUI Tutorial App to Use Realm

Learn how to add Realm to an iOS/SwiftUI app to add persistence and flexibility. Uses Apple's Scrumdinger tutorial app as the starting point.


Realm Data and Partitioning Strategy Behind the WildAid O-FISH Mobile Apps

Understand the data model and partitioning scheme used for WildAid's O-FISH app and how you can adapt them for your own mobile apps.


Realm Sync in Use - Building and Architecting a Mobile Chat App Meetup

Missed Realm Sync in use - building and architecting a Mobile Chat App meetup event? Don't worry, you can catch up here.

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