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MongoDB Stitch Datasheet

This content is now outdated. For more information on the offering previously known MongoDB Stitch, please visit mongodb.com/realm.

MongoDB Stitch is a serverless platform which accelerates application development with simple, secure access to data and services from the client – getting your apps to market faster while reducing operational costs and effort.

Stitch Services

The Stitch serverless platform addresses the challenges faced by the developers of modern apps by providing four services:

  • Stitch QueryAnywhere

    . Exposes the full power of working with documents in MongoDB and the MongoDB query language, directly from your web and mobile application frontend code. A powerful rules engine lets developers declare fine-grained security policies.

  • Stitch Functions

    . Allows developers to run simple JavaScript functions in Stitch’s serverless environment, making it easy to create secure APIs or to build integrations with microservices and server-side logic. Enables integration with popular cloud services such as AWS and Twilio, enriching your apps with a single Stitch method call.

  • Stitch Triggers

    . Execute custom logic in response to database changes, as they happen. Real-time notifications that launch functions in response to changes in the database. The functions can make further database changes, push data to other places, or interact with users – such as through push notifications, text messages, or emails.

  • Stitch Atlas Device Sync (beta)

    . Automatically synchronizes data between documents held locally in MongoDB Mobile and the backend database. MongoDB Mobile allows mobile developers to use the full power of MongoDB locally. Stitch Atlas Device Sync ensures that data is kept up to date across phones and all other clients in real time.

Core Stitch Features
  • All of MongoDB

    . Get the full power and scalability of MongoDB – whether using your existing database or starting from scratch. Retain direct access to the database; safely expose existing data to a new application.

  • Triggers

    . Have your application react to database changes and authentication events as they happen, without polling.

  • Functions

    . Run your JavaScript code server-side in the Stitch backend. Stitch transparently scales to meet your usage.

  • Rules

    . Declaratively control which fields a user can access by defining simple JSON rules or JavaScript functions. Grant others access to approved aggregations while maintaining data privacy.

  • Service integrations

    . Built-in integrations make it simple for your app to use leading third-party services and auth APIs. Include internal microservices using Stitch's HTTP service. Push notifications pass alerts to users.

  • Mobile sync (beta)

    . Automatically synchronize changes between MongoDB Mobile and your backend database. Resolves conflicts, even after a device has been offline.

  • SDKs

    . The easiest way to work with MongoDB and other backend services. Client SDKs for JavaScript, Android, and iOS enable cross-platform client support.

  • MongoDB wire protocol

    . Access Stitch and its connected Atlas clusters using existing MongoDB drivers and tools.

  • Logging & debugging

    . Test and debug your Stitch functions and view logs for all requests through the Stitch UI.

  • Export/import CLI

    . Build your app through Stitch API, then export to your local machine to customize, add to source control, and deploy using import command.

Developing an Application With and Without MongoDB Stitch

Save many weeks of development and thousands of lines of code by developing your app using Stitch.

Get started for free

and build your first Stitch app.

Safe harbor

: The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion. This information is merely intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision nor is this a commitment, promise or legal obligation to deliver any material, code, or functionality.

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