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MongoDB Partners

Vercel. Accelerate your app development.

Deliver first-class user experiences with ease by integrating MongoDB Atlas with your Vercel app projects.

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What is Vercel?

Vercel provides a frictionless developer experience to take care of the hard things: deploying instantly, scaling automatically, and serving personalized content around the globe.

Vercel makes it easy for frontend teams to develop, preview, and ship delightful user experiences, where performance is the default.

How does it work with MongoDB?

Harness the power of your data by building and managing your data in the cloud.

Speed frontend app development

Accelerate development by connecting Vercel applications with your MongoDB database using serverless functions. With Vercel and MongoDB Atlas, developers can build new web experiences faster without added overhead. Deploy code on Vercel with zero configuration and take advantage of our intuitive and flexible document data model to instantly start building with documents.

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Deploy your app with Atlas and Vercel

Getting a MongoDB Atlas database created and linked to your Vercel project has never been easier. Follow our helpful tutorial as a guide to get started.

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Unlock the power of MongoDB + Vercel

Discover how to start building your next application with MongoDB Atlas and Vercel.

Integrate with Vercel

To get started, select MongoDB Atlas on the Vercel Integrations Marketplace. From there, you can automatically create and link your MongoDB Atlas database to your Vercel app projects.
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