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MongoDB and Capgemini: Capitalizing on the Data and AI Revolution.

Capgemini uses automated intelligence to optimize data migration, data comparison and validation to migrate legacy systems to MongoDB Atlas.


Fast-moving, scalable, and sustainable data-powered business.

Capgemini and MongoDB are partnering to help re-envision data and advance business processes so that companies can focus on innovation.

With MongoDB’s document-based, distributed database, performance and volume issues are easily addressed. But when it comes to speeding up time to market, Capgemini provides the final piece of the puzzle with a new tool rooted in automated intelligence.

Capgemini offers Perform AI, which enables enterprises to take advantage of the transformative power of data and artificial intelligence (AI). By becoming data-powered, enterprises can adapt to the changing world and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Combined Solution Offerings

Digital Cloud Platform

offers comprehensive reusable Industry components and API catalogs to accelerate application development & minimize time-to-market

Database Convert & Compare

expedites migrations from expensive mainframes to MongoDB’s document-based database. Manages every step from schema assessments to data migrations

Legacy Modernization Factory

helps in refactoring, rearchitecting or replacing core applications. Results in improved performance, scale and reduced costs of critical apps
Capgemini Solutions that help customers modernize applications to MongoDB

Learn more about Database Convert & Compare (DCC), a powerful tool developed by the Capgemini team. DCC optimizes activities like database migration, data comparison, validation, and much more.

Capgemini Digital Cloud Platform powered by MongoDB

Domain-driven cloud-native accelerator built on the MongoDB Atlas developer data platform for faster time to market and reduced cost