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Quantifying Business Advantage: The Value of Database Selection

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How an organization stores, manages, analyzes and uses data has a direct impact on its success. Consider the following:

  • After trying for eight years to build a single view of their customer, one of the world’s leading insurance companies changed database and delivered the project in just three months
  • A leading telecommunications provider adopted a new database technology and were able to accelerate time to market by 4x, reduce engineering costs by 50% and improve customer experience by 10x
  • A Tier 1 investment bank rebuilt its globally distributed reference data platform on a new database technology, enabling it to save $40M over five years
  • Singles can find their ideal partner 95% faster after one of the world’s leading relationship providers switched data and machine learning to a new platform

What do all of these examples have in common? They all selected MongoDB to deliver applications and outcomes that were never previously possible. Download the white paper to learn more.

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