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Maximizing Business Value with Data Platforms, Data Integration, and Data Management

One of the critical objectives for data- and analytics-driven is to maximize the value of data platforms with data integration and data management capabilities. In its latest report on IT modernization, analyst & research firm TDWI surveys tech leaders, developers, data scientists and analysts, and solutions architects to find out how they're meeting current and future demands for maximizing the value of data. The report covers the following key considerations for organizations in the process of modernizing or planning to modernize:

  • Keeping pace with business change
  • Platforms, integration, management priorities
  • Data management for different use cases
  • Data integration for speed, new workloads, and complexity
  • Distributed data: Data fabric, data mesh

The report offers recommendations and best practices for maximizing the value of data and strategies for modern data applications. It also reveals today's top drivers of business modernization and the importance of cloud migration for achieving modernization objectives.

Read the full TDWI report, Maximizing the Business Value of Data: Platforms, Integration, and Management.

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