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IoT Reference Architecture

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling companies to blend together the physical and digital worlds, creating new business models and generating insights that increase productivity at once unimaginable levels.

MongoDB is the IoT data platform of choice for thousands of customers worldwide. As no two IoT solutions are exactly same, this paper will explore the art of the possible and how best to integrate MongoDB within your IoT solution, spanning the edge to the cloud. It is an ideal resource for technical decision makers, architects, and developers.

By downloading this paper you will learn:

  1. Discover the challenges of data in large-scale IoT solutions.
  2. Overview of MongoDB Database platform including MongoDB Atlas and Atlas App Services. Technologies that are helpful to any IoT solution.
  3. How to architect your IoT solution for resilience, scale, and security using MongoDB
  4. How to integrate MongoDB with a diverse ecosystem of technologies to fully unlock the potential of the IoT
  5. How to visualize IoT data with MongoDB Charts, BI Connector and through third-party BI Reporting tools

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