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Implementing an Operational Data Layer for Product Catalog Modernization

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For a seamless digital, in-person or omnichannel experience, retail data needs to be consistent and available in real-time for a number of different retail front ends- the ecommerce website, the customer facing application, in-store workforce applications, POS devices and more.

The creation of the operational data layer for the product catalog can be the start in a journey to move away from legacy tech all together. Retailers will begin to build functionality, analytical insights and use the product catalog as a point to begin to redevelop existing applications. The maturity curve in retailers follows a staged approach, transforming the role of the data layers.

Product catalog data management is a complex problem for retailers. Read this paper to learn:

  • Modernization drivers and common problems with legacy product catalogs
  • How to architect an operational data layer for product catalogs
  • Create, enrich, and offload reads and writes to make an ODL system of transaction and system of record

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