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Big Data Examples in Business

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Organizations are under pressure to develop big data strategies, but many are unsure what a big data strategy means for them, what they can expect to achieve, and where to start. Amidst the abundance of technologies, vendors, articles, and conferences, many enterprise decision-makers are looking for a framework to uncover the signal from the noise.

This white paper examines what businesses are doing with big data, provides examples of big data applications, and the 6 considerations to know when selecting a technology to support your big data initiative.

Download this white paper to learn about:

  • How to select the right big data application for your business, project and desired outcomes
  • What big data is, and the difference between online and offline big data
  • Real big data applications in production today, like an analytics platform that ingests and analyzes readings from industrial equipment to improve operational efficiency
  • Concrete business outcomes created using NoSQL database MongoDB and big data, like $40M in savings for a Tier 1 bank

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