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Full access to MongoDB, declarative read/write
controls, and integration with your choice of services

MongoDB Stitch lets developers focus on building applications rather than on managing data manipulation code, service integration, or backend infrastructure. Whether you’re just starting up and want a fully managed backend as a service, or you’re part of an enterprise and want to expose existing MongoDB data to new applications, Stitch lets you focus on building the app users want, not on writing boilerplate backend logic.

Stitch gives developers full access to MongoDB, the ability to declare fine-grained data access controls, and composability with other services. Initially Stitch is available for MongoDB Atlas.

See what MongoDB Stitch can do for your application

Add a feature to an existing application

For existing applications, MongoDB Stitch simplifies the addition of new features:

  • Include customer reviews in an e-commerce site

  • Enrich profiles with uploaded images

Work through adding a comments feature to a blog

Selectively expose existing data to new applications

Configure which existing MongoDB data fields new applications can read or write:

  • Allow users to see to their friends' playlists

  • Display a games leaderboard

  • Provide an API for internal apps to safely access your operational database

  • Build admin-only page with anonymized stats

See how to allow an authenticated user to read their own tasks in a ToDo app

Integrate with services

Use MongoDB Stitch to easily integrate services into your application:

  • Accept text messages from Twilio and insert into MongoDB

  • Store the details of a GitHub commit in MongoDB

  • Send an email or text message when a product is back in stock

Step through adding tasks to a ToDo app via Twilio texts

Be your complete backend

Use MongoDB Stitch to create your brand new app.

Makes development easy

MongoDB Stitch lets you write rules and service integrations in a simple, declarative manner – making it easy to get started, extend, and maintain your application.

Choose your step

Here we show you how to point Stitch to a MongoDB collection. Then we show an anonymous login, document insert, and find operation.

The features your application needs

All of MongoDB

Unlike other backend offerings, get the full power and scalability of MongoDB – whether using your existing database or starting from scratch. Retain direct access to the database.

Declarative data access controls

Control which fields a user can read or write to by defining simple JSON rules. Grant others access to approved aggregations while maintaining data privacy.

Service integrations

Built-in integrations make it simple for your app to use leading third party services and auth APIs without locking you into a single provider. Include internal microservices using Stitch's HTTP service.


Build complex logic and orchestrate data between clients, services, and MongoDB with server-side JavaScript functions. Stitch scales precisely to meet your usage.


The easiest way to work with MongoDB and other backend services. Client SDKs for JavaScript, Android, and iOS enable cross-platform client support.

Existing application data

Safely expose selected fields from an existing database to a new application. New apps can add additional data to the same database.

Simple pricing. Pay only for what you use.

Refer to the pricing documentation for details on charges and the Stitch free tier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MongoDB Stitch?

MongoDB Stitch is a highly configurable, secure, and scalable hosted application backend for MongoDB applications. It gives developers an API to MongoDB, and composability with other services, backed by a robust system for configuring fine-grained data security and privacy. Stitch provides native SDKs for JavaScript, iOS, and Android.

If you want to open up data that you hold in an existing MongoDB Atlas database, then you can define security rules to selectively expose portions of the data to other applications through the Stitch API.

How do I build an app with MongoDB Stitch?

You should use the MongoDB Stitch API to configure the services that you want to use from your application – including MongoDB Atlas. You can optionally also define server-side JavaScript functions to compose multiple service calls into a single operation. By default, an end-user of your application may only access the data they created – you can add extra security/privacy rules to change that.

Once you have configured the MongoDB Stitch backend, you can access the services directly from your frontend application code using one of Stitch's native SDKs (available for iOS, Android, and JavaScript).

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