MongoDB as a Service on Google Cloud Platform

Set up, scale, and operate MongoDB across GCP with just a few clicks.

“Handing off our database management to the team that builds MongoDB gave us peace of mind and has helped us stay efficient and agile. We wanted to ensure that our team could remain focused on the application and not have to worry about the underlying infrastructure. Atlas allowed us to do just that.”

Alex Wakefield, CEO
Longbow Advantage

MongoDB Atlas is the best way to deploy, manage, and grow MongoDB on Google Cloud Platform.

Engineered and run by the same engineers that build the database, Atlas incorporates best practices developed from supporting thousands of distributed deployments into an easy-to-use, fully automated service that grants you the power and freedom to focus on what really matters — building and optimizing your applications.

Automated database operations

Database operations take time and effort. Let MongoDB Atlas lower your stress by orchestrating the moving parts. Deploy clusters in minutes, modify them on demand with zero downtime, and take advantage of automated patches.

Highly scalable

Add storage, scale up, scale out, or scale down with the push of a button or a simple API call. MongoDB Atlas allows you to easily tweak the dimensions of your deployment with no impact to your applications.

Comprehensive disaster recovery

MongoDB Atlas includes an optional fully managed backup service that provides continuous backups with point-in-time recovery. Query your backup snapshots and restore granular datasets in a fraction of the time. Easily restore snapshots to different projects to rapidly spin up dev / test environments.

Highly available backed by uptime SLAs

Each cluster is distributed across the zones in a GCP region, ensuring no single point of failure. Should your primary fail, MongoDB Atlas will automatically trigger the election and failover process with no manual intervention required. Production databases are backed by a 99.95% uptime SLA.

Global clusters

Global clusters in MongoDB Atlas allow you to deploy a geographically distributed database that provides low latency, responsive reads and writes to users anywhere, with strong data placement controls to satisfy emerging regulations.

Full performance visibility and optimization

MongoDB Atlas includes optimized dashboards that highlight key historical metrics. View performance in real-time, customize alerts, or dig into the details with ease. Built-in tools such as the performance advisor highlight slow-running queries and suggest indexes to help optimize your database.

MongoDB Atlas is available in 20 GCP regions


Iowa, Oregon, N. Virginia, South Carolina, Los Angeles


South America
São Paulo


Belgium, London, Frankfurt, Eemshaven, Finland


Asia Pacific
Taiwan, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong



Simple and straightforward pricing

Pay only for the resources you need. There are no upfront costs and you can cancel at any time with no termination fees. Customize your own cluster for as low as $9/month.

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