Automated MongoDB Service on Microsoft Azure

Set up, operate, and scale MongoDB across Azure with just a few clicks.

“We estimate that by selecting MongoDB [Atlas] for the accounting suite we achieved at least a 50% faster time to market than using any other non-relational database. The tight integration with JavaScript, flexible data model, out-of-box performance and sophisticated management platform have all been key to enabling developer productivity and reducing operational costs.”

 - Christian Taltas, Co-founder Loop Software

MongoDB Atlas is the only MongoDB service available on Azure that’s built and optimized by the same engineers that build the database.

Atlas automates time-consuming database administration tasks such as provisioning, setup, upgrades, backups, and more. It ensures that when you deploy your clusters in the Azure cloud, your databases are run according to operational and security best practices we’ve learned from thousands of customer deployments.

Reduce your operational overhead

Deploy a cluster in a dedicated Azure Virtual Network in minutes. Modify your cluster on demand with zero downtime. Patches and minor upgrades are automatically applied without manual intervention.

Fully elastic

Scale up, out, or down by pushing a button in the GUI or with a simple API call. Automatic storage scaling further reduces overhead by provisioning additional cluster storage capacity when it’s needed.

Fully managed disaster recovery

Continuous backups and point-in-time restores ensure that you can meet any restore point objectives. Query snapshots and restore just the data you need in a matter of minutes.


Rest easy knowing that your data is protected with always-on authentication, IP whitelisting, end-to-end encryption, and a fault-tolerant, self-healing database backed by an uptime SLA.

Global clusters

Deploy across 26 Azure regions worldwide. With Global Clusters, Atlas allows you to isolate data within specified geographic boundaries or position relevant data near end users to provide low-latency performance anywhere

Performance visibility and optimization

View historical metrics in optimized dashboards, see what’s happening in your database live, configure alerts, and receive automated index suggestions to improve the performance of your cluster.

MongoDB Atlas integrates with Azure services you use


Using PowerBI to gain insight into your MongoDB Data


How to integrate MongoDB with Azure Databricks


Deploy Sitecore on Azure and MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB Atlas is available in 26 Azure regions

  • US: Iowa, Virginia, Illinois, Texas, California
  • Canada: Toronto, Quebec City
  • South America: São Paulo
  • Europe: London, Cardiff, Ireland, Netherlands, Paris, New South Wales
  • Asia Pacific: Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Busan, Singapore, Osaka
  • Australia: Victoria
  • Australia: Pune, Chennai, Mumbai
  • US: Iowa, Virginia, Illinois, Texas, California
  • Canada: Toronto, Quebec City
  • South America: São Paulo

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