Welcome to the MongoDB Management Service Blog



Today we’re excited to launch the MongoDB Management Service blog. This blog will be dedicated to providing insights on operating MongoDB and how you can use MMS to run MongoDB with confidence.

MongoDB makes it easy to develop applications quickly. The document data model is a natural fit for modern applications and our early adopter community consists of thousands of enthusiastic developers. You’ll find that when it comes to building applications with MongoDB, there is no shortage of resources available to you.

Like any other database, MongoDB requires care and feeding to operate. With MMS and with this blog, we hope to start filling the gap on both tooling and knowledge sharing around operating MongoDB.

As Phil Whelan explained in a recent blog post, in the ops world, there are firefighters and fire preventers. There are heroes that get the database back up and running at 3am after a failure. And then there are the folks that monitored the system, had built-in resiliency, and rarely need to wake up for firefighting.

With all due appreciation for those heroes that get the database back up and running after a 3am outage, discretion is the better part of valor! Our aim is to enable our users to implement discretion, equipping them with the tools and practices that will prevent them from needing to wake up to handle emergencies.

What can you expect in this space? We plan to provide you with news about the latest features available in MMS, including updates on our bi-weekly release cycle. We’ll share stories of MongoDB users and how they are operating MongoDB at scale. We’ll look at how you can better interpret charts in MMS to identify patterns. And because the capabilities afforded by MMS are just a piece in the broader DevOps puzzle, we will also bring you our thoughts on that ever-evolving world.

Other topics will emerge based on your feedback. Stay tuned!