Visualizing Performance Metrics of a Sharded MongoDB Cluster on One MMS Chart

Meghan Gill


We’re pleased to announce that we’ve released the Cluster View in MongoDB Management Service (MMS) for those monitoring sharded clusters.

MMS visualizes dozens of database metrics, providing you with valuable insight into the health of your system. For those operating MongoDB at scale, that may mean monitoring hundreds or even thousands of MongoDB servers and examining multiple charts to optimize performance and debug issues.

We want to make it easier for administrators to understand those metrics in a broader context. Using the Cluster View, you can now visualize key statistics across all shards on a single chart. The Cluster View allows you to quickly compare each shard within your cluster to determine if there are any imbalances in your cluster and pinpoint the nodes which might be more heavily loaded than others.

To access the Cluster View, go to the Hosts page and drill down on the cluster name. From there, you can view several key statistics, such as queries, updates, queues, and page faults via the chart drop down. You can also adjust the granularity with the controls above the graph.

Curious what this looks like in practice? The example below shows lock percentage across a 14-shard cluster in the past hour:

Monitoring your MongoDB architecture with MMS is completely free -- including the new Cluster View. You can create an account and start monitoring at