Using MongoDB for Data Locality at Groupon

Groupon is a business built on place data. “The more data we have the better we can serve these businesses,” said Peter Bakkum in his talk on Using MongoDB for Groupon’s Place Data” at MongoDB San Francisco. “We know their data and we know their price point” The Merchant Data team at Groupon uses MongoDB heavily in its mission to create the most comprehensive database of places and merchants in the world.

This team is a key part of Groupon's platform: the data is used for Salesforce CRM and public merchant pages, among other products, and has a direct impact on the business. This data makes it more efficient for salespeople at Groupon to prioritize their leads, helping them in negotiations, pick price points and create deal-structures. “Doing this at such a large scale, has, literally, a revenue impact of millions of dollars” says Bakkum. The Merchant Data team uses MongoDB throughout their Data system architecture: at the Input, processing and serving level. Watch Peter Baakum’s video from MongoDB San Francisco for more details on the Merchant Data team’s architecture.