Using MMS Backup to Seed New Environments



One of the benefits of using MMS to back up MongoDB is that you have unlimited restores, which means you can use these restores in ways that might not have imagine.

For example, you can use MMS to seed a new replica set member. In fact, it can be faster with very large datasets or on replica sets under heavy load. It will only work if the latest snapshot (or the custom last 24 hour point in time snapshot) is still covered by the oplog window. Then you could seed the new member with the snapshot and then allow it to sync to the other replica set members. The instructions can be found in the docs.

Please note: if you use “Excluded Namespaces” on your MMS Backup (these exclude collections or entire databases from the snapshots), you will not be able to use MMS Backup snapshots to seed.

There are lots of other scenarios in which you might use MMS to build new environments. We covered some of them in a recent webinar. The slides and video are now available.