Upgrade your MongoDB Deployment from 2.6.9 to 3.0.1 with Automation



Using the MongoDB Management Service, you can now upgrade your MongoDB deployment safely and quickly from 2.6.9 to 3.0.1 via the user interface. To upgrade your own deployment, follow the tutorial below. As always, if you should run into any trouble, you can reach out to MongoDB via the MMS Support page.

Step 0. Considerations Before Upgrading

  • MongoDB 3.0.1 introduces significant changes to the authorization model. If you are using authSchemaVersion 1 (the schema used in MongoDB 2.4 and earlier), you must upgrade to authSchemaVersion 3 before proceeding to upgrade to 3.0.1. If using Automation, you can do the schema upgrade by clicking the wrench for your deployment. If you haven’t imported for Automation yet, here are the manual instructions.
  • You cannot upgrade directly from 2.4 to 3.0, you must upgrade to 2.6 first.
  • Driver compatibility: As long as you leave the authSchemaVersion on 3, and are still on MMAPv1, your old driver should continue to work. However, if you upgrade the authSchemaVersion to 5, or upgrade to wiredTiger, a MongoDB 3.0 compatible driver will be necessary. Many third-party tools will not work after you upgrade to authSchemaVersion 5. Check for MongoDB 3.0 compatible versions of your utilities.

This is not a guide to upgrading to WiredTiger, but this is a tutorial for using Automation to change your storage engine to WiredTiger.

Step 1. Review Your Current Deployment

On the deployment page, you should see that your current replica set has recent pings indicated by the green light to the right of each member and have no startup warnings. I’ve set up a sharded cluster here, but the process is the same.

On the server tile page, each server where a node is located should have an automation agent already up and running.

If each server does not have an automation agent on it, you will need to download the automation agent from the Administration -> Agents page, install it, and make sure that you have imported your deployment for automation. If one of the hosts is unreachable, you will need to resolve this issue as well before being able to upgrade the replica set.

Step 2. Select the deployment and modify.

Click the wrench for your deployment to bring up the modification panel.

Click the version drop-down and select 3.0.1 and then click “Apply”. Review and deploy your changes. Now the Automation Agents will download the proper MongoDB version and do the upgrade in the proper order for you.

If you do not see 3.0.1 in your list of MongoDB versions, then it is not enabled in your Version Manager. You can enable it by going to “Deployment” and then selecting “Version Manager”. Add the versions you wish to upgrade to and click “Review & Deploy” and then “Confirm & Deploy”.

Step 3: Enjoy your updated deployment

If you are ready with 3.0-Compatible drivers and utilities, you can now change the AuthSchema to 5 via the modifications sidebar from Step 2, above.