The Driver Sessions And More at MongoDB World 2019 - T-2 countdown

Dj Walker-Morgan

#MongoDB World 2019

Just two weeks to go before MongoDB World 2019 starts in New York City and there's still more to tell about what's happening over the three days. In this countdown, we're going to be talking about the sessions for drivers, the essential glue between your applications and MongoDB, and some of the fun we've got planned alongside Builders Fest.

The Driver Sessions

Running alongside all the talks and sessions at MongoDB World is an unconference strand of sessions all about drivers and MongoDB. There are a lot of languages to get through and each session will be run by MongoDB engineers and support crew who work with each technology.

Monday opens at 10am with a .NET session. At 1PM, things move onto Python, PyMongo and other drivers. The session at 2PM is for Node.js and the world of server-side JavaScript. Then at 3:15PM there's a session for the languages of the JVM, including, of course, Java.

Tuesday starts early with a 9AM session on Go. Later that day, at 12:45pm there's a Rust session. Then there's a switch from languages to platforms at 1:45pm with a special session on interconnecting with SQL through the MongoDB BI Connector, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop. At 3pm, it's back to languages with a session for Swift, Apple's own language for macOS and iOS development.

Find your favourite language or platform and join with the community to learn more about how to connect with MongoDB.

The Game Is Afoot

With all the gaming themes running through our MongoDB World website, you may wonder what our game is. Well, we previously mentioned the Builders Fest running on day 3, but we haven't mentioned our other attractions that day: the Gaming Stage and the Coding Competition Stage.

The Gaming Stage will see up to four participants at a time compete on Nintendo Switch games. There'll be live commentary to up the excitement and Swag Store prizes for those who excel in Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros and Tetris.

If you want to be more cerebral in your chosen arena, the Coding Competition Stage is for you. Four contestants at a time will be challenged to show their coding skills. Where will you excel? In the code golf - where you write the shortest one liner - or the blind coding challenge - where you recreate a web page in 20 minutes using only Notepad and no previews?

So when you need a break from building, you can get your game on there.

Not Too Late

Remember you can still sign up for MongoDB World and if you use the code LEAFLET you'll get a discount on your entry. The conference runs from June 15 to 17 in New York and we look forward to seeing you there.

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