The 4.2 GA Challenge

Dj Walker-Morgan

#MongoDB 4.2

Have you been trying out MongoDB 4.2? It just went generally available. You may have been reading the blog to get the latest examples of what you can do with the new features. Or you dived straight into the release notes and got straight to exploring the new release. If you haven't, read How to Experience MongoDB 4.2 on Atlas and find out how you can .

The question then becomes what features did you like? Which ones are going to really boost your productivity? How are you going to use those features in your next application? And we really want to hear your answers.

Tell us, and your idea may be included in the 4.2 Brainstorm article coming soon.

  • We want to hear what feature you liked the most:
  • How you plan to use it, or are you already using it?
  • What difference has it made to your MongoDB Life?
  • And do you have any tips for people looking to follow in your footsteps with that feature.

The very best applied use of MongoDB 4.2 features could also see its creator win Atlas credits so they can run an Atlas M10 cluster for a year (US$1000). And we'll also be selecting second and third place entries with US$500 and US$250 of Atlas credits for each place.

The challenge will run till the end of September, to enter, just fill in the form.

Full terms and conditions for the contest are available.