Ops Manager 4.2.2 is now available

The latest update to the MongoDB Ops Manager administration platform is version 4.2.2. Ops Manager is available with MongoDB Enterprise Advanced subscriptions. This newest version builds on the stable 4.2 release and adds support for rolling changes of keyfiles.

The August's Ops Manager 4.2.0 release brought support for MongoDB 4.2 to Ops Manager. That same release also saw the merging of Ops Manager's three agents—Automation, Backup and Monitoring—into a single Ops Manager agent. Ops Manager 4.2 also sees the replacement of Personal API keys with Programmatic API Keys which enable finer grain control of roles and permissions.

MongoDB Ops Manager 4.2.2 is available from the download center. Find out more about Ops Manager 4.2.2 and the 4.2 series in the release notes.