New to MongoDB Atlas: More Azure Regions, Monitoring Metrics via the API, Cross-Project Restores, Test Failover

Sahir Azam


Earlier this year, we announced the availability of our cloud database service, MongoDB Atlas, with global support for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

And since then, we’ve been humbled by the overwhelming reception from the global community of MongoDB users. Customers like Ticketek — Australia’s largest ticketing company in sports and entertainment — which now uses MongoDB Atlas to support the core transactional systems needed to power their multi-channel ticket sales and distribution network.

“Everyone knows Ticketek from an A/NZ perspective, but we’re also delivering tickets in the US and UK and we recently bought the largest ticketing company in Malaysia,” explained Matt Cudworth, CTO of TEG, Ticketek’s parent company, in an interview with

“Atlas became an obvious choice for us to be able to deliver [services] in most regions. We can use different cloud providers, and you can’t go past [a managed service by] the vendor that makes the software. There’s no better expert in that technology.”

More Atlas Regions on Microsoft Azure

Today, we’re excited to announce that MongoDB Atlas now supports 23 Azure regions across the world. This will grant the increasing number of MongoDB users looking for a cloud database service global low latency connectivity and the ability to meet data sovereignty requirements.

New MongoDB Atlas regions on Microsoft Azure

You can now deploy clusters with MongoDB Atlas in 41 regions across AWS, Azure, and GCP. Log in to your account to see the full region list.

New MongoDB Atlas Features

We’ve also been working on adding features based on user feedback. Here are just a few quick highlights:

Support for monitoring metrics and logs via Atlas API

You can now obtain fine-grained monitoring metrics on database processes and the underlying instances via the MongoDB Atlas API. In addition, the API will allow you to retrieve log files for a particular host.

Cross-project restores

You can now perform backup restores into a different Project (formerly Group) than the backup snapshot source. This allows you to easily execute tasks such as creating multiple staging or test environments that match recent production data with different user access privileges or in different regions.

Test failover / “Chaos” button

Modern cloud applications should be designed for high availability despite instance failures. With the new “Test Failover” button — available for all dedicated clusters — MongoDB Atlas will trigger a replica set failover and subsequent election, helping you test redundancy and ensure that your application connection handling is resilient.

All of these new features are now live in MongoDB Atlas. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback at

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