New Monitoring Integration for MongoDB Atlas Metrics in Datadog

Jenny Liang


MongoDB Atlas customers are now able to harness the application stack monitoring power of Datadog thanks to a new live metrics integration between the two services.

MongoDB and Datadog

Our self-managed customers have told us how useful it has been to connect to Datadog and be able to see database metrics as a part of their full stack monitoring. It allows them to correlate application, infrastructure, and database performance in easily accessible dashboards. With Atlas at the heart of so many applications, we're excited to bring a one-click Datadog integration to our global, fully managed data platform.

MongoDB Atlas Monitoring Features

This integration is complementary to Atlas’ existing and extensive monitoring and performance features, such as the Real-Time Performance Panel that shows database operations, disk usage, connections, hot collections, and slow queries in a single at-a-glance dashboard. The live data is backed by historical data and chart visualizations of over 80 throughput, performance, and utilization metrics for detailed analysis.

Datadog analyzing Atlas metrics

To make monitoring even easier, users can configure custom alerts across various channels to be notified when database operations or server usage reach defined thresholds.

Monitoring MongoDB Atlas with Datadog

MongoDB Atlas users already have the ability to send notifications to Datadog based on various database events and activity. Now, they can use the same Datadog API key to turn on the monitoring integration on a project-level basis and start seeing critical Atlas system and process metrics side by side with other application performance charts and visualizations. Users can drill down on each metric down to one-minute granularity.

Atlas integration to Datadog

In Datadog, users can select the MongoDB Atlas tile from the Integrations page to see a ready-made dashboard of Atlas metrics grouped by type. Users can clone the dashboard to customize the layout and charts using metric attributes like project name or process type.

What's Next?

Every software organization relies on application performance monitoring. With this integration, Atlas users can integrate database metrics directly in their Datadog dashboards for a more complete picture of what's happening across the stack in real-time.

To find out more about how to enable the Atlas integration, metric attributes, and more, visit the links below:

Stay tuned for more updates on new monitoring and performance features in MongoDB Atlas. If you’d like to see any other monitoring and performance features brought to MongoDB Atlas, let us know in the comments below!