MongoDB World Hackathon 2019 - Winners

Tim Fogarty

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Please note: This article discusses MongoDB Mobile and Sync. Those products are currently being deprecated as we work towards a public beta of MongoDB Realm. To learn more about this, see the MongoDB Realm site.

We have been blown away by the creativity of all the projects submitted for the MongoDB World Hackathon. In total 75 teams submitted projects on a wide range of topics: healthcare, games, machine learning, IoT, and more. You all did a fantastic job!

But we do have to choose the winners. There are over $42,000 worth of prizes to be won. The top 3 teams will be flown out to MongoDB World in New York City. They will present their projects on stage and the first place winner will be chosen by an audience vote - winning $10,000! Without further ado, here are the winners:

Top 3: Brainhack Wheelchair, Kegomate, and Porygon

Brainhack Wheelchair is a prototype of a wheelchair controlled by an EEG sensor. The result is a wheelchair which is usable by people who are unable to use conventional wheelchair interfaces due to severe motor disabilities. The wheelchair prototype uses a Raspberry Pi, and the mobile app uses MongoDB Mobile to store the information streamed from the EEG sensor.

Kegomate is the brainchild of developers at which describes itself as the small business "that the Federal Government turns to in order to #GetShitDone". Kegomate collects data from a flow sensor to track coffee consumption and informs the office admin via a slackbot when coffee is running low. The 540 team used a Raspberry Pi, two Arduinos, and MongoDB Stitch to ensure they never ran out of coffee again.

Porygon is a tool to help build, backtest, and automate trading strategies. Porygon will level the playing field and make trading more accessible to everyone. You can create trading strategies without code and then test your strategies without spending real money. The beautiful frontend is built using React and the backend is built using hapi.js and MongoDB Atlas.

We’re excited to have teams from all over the world come to New York City to show off these amazing creations! Congratulations all!

Other Prizes

Here’s a full list of the winners for the other prizes:

Rock My Map wins the prize for the best use of MongoDB Charts. This website captures rock history by mapping band tours. You can search for any band and year and Rock My Map will plot all of the shows during that year. It will also show you the tours that happened during that year. Rock My Map uses embedded MongoDB Charts to visualize some stats about the data set of tours.

Person8 wins the prize for Social Good for their app that helps homeless youth restore and maintain their identity. It keeps a copy of their identity documents and other key information, hosted securely online so a missing phone won't become a crisis. The homeless will have access to their own records and have control over who can see it.

More chances to win with Eliot’s Weekly MongoDB World Challenge

If you didn’t win a prize in the hackathon, don’t fret. We still have more chances to win prizes leading up to MongoDB World. Eliot’s Weekly MongoDB World Challenge is an exciting series of challenges coming to you from MongoDB’s very own Co-Founder & CTO, Eliot Horowitz.

Each week Eliot or a member of the engineering or product management team will introduce a new challenge that will have you exploring, investigating and discovering the world of MongoDB and data.

The challenges will increase slightly in difficulty and - to make things interesting - we’ll have a prize ladder valued starting at $1,000 and continuing to increase each week until it’s $6,000 by the 6th week.

You enter the challenge here. Keep tuned on our Instagram for the weekly announcements.

Join us at MongoDB World

We'd love to see you at MongoDB World on June 17-19. It's a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded developers and level up your MongoDB skills. You’ll also be able to see the final showdown between the top 3 teams for the $10,000 grand prize.

Register today using the code HACK50 for 50% off MongoDB World tickets.