MongoDB PHP Library 1.4.3 has change stream fixes

Jeremy Mikola


The PHP team has announced that version 1.4.3 of the MongoDB PHP library is now available. Highlights of the release include fixes pertaining to resuming a change stream during its iteration.

The library, which is a high-level abstraction of the mongodb extension, ensures resume tokens are correctly updated over consecutive resume attempts during back-to-back calls of ChangeStream::next(). In turn, that should prevent users from seeing redundant/duplicate events in such a scenario. Another fix was applied to ensure that the iteration key is always advanced when resuming.

A complete list of resolved issues in this release is available and the library may be installed or upgraded with the command

composer require mongodb/mongodb=^1.4.3

General documentation for the MongoDB PHP library may be found at on the MongoDB Documentation site. Installation instructions for the mongodb extension may be found in the documentation.