MongoDB Management Service Release Notes: New Cluster Page Charts and Faster Backup



June 17, 2014 This release is packed with fun and new UI items that should make MongoDB Monitoring and Backup customers happy. Such as:

  • Brand new cluster page charts
  • Upgraded Java driver to 2.6 version
  • All agent logs can now be downloaded
  • Add button to “Delete all Deactivated Hosts”
  • Allow users to specify an extension when providing 2FA phone number
  • And a new alert for repl lag on secondaries getting close to the oplog window on the primary.

Our MongoDB Backup Service also received some major tweaks this release. Backup restores can now read from secondaries, and there were further optimizations to improve backup processing and restore time, such as automatic clean up of orphaned heads and streaming oplog processing. The backup agent also received another update - MongoDB Backup Agent Version contains support for new API which allows oplogs to be ingested before the entire payload has reached the MMS servers.

Our automation beta is also continuing with select customers. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback thus far, and are really looking forward to the official debut at MongoDB World on June 23rd. You can read more about that (and sign up to receive early access!) here.

Have an issue or a bug or a feature request? File a ticket in our feature request queue!

-Rachelle (@techbelle)