MongoDB Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes Now Generally Available

Robert Walters

#Cloud#Ops Manager

This is just one of the announcements made today as part of our CTO's keynote. Watch Eliot Horowitz's keynote to find out how it fits with our other announcements and vision for a data platform.

We are pleased to announce that the MongoDB Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes is now generally available and ready for production deployments. Operators enable the Kubernetes container orchestration system to control specific applications.

The Enterprise Operator is a new component which enables both private, hybrid and public cloud devops teams to seamlessly integrate MongoDB deployments with applications, microservices and other components of the modern development stack and delivery platforms.

The MongoDB Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes allows the orchestration system to create, configure and manage MongoDB instances by working with automation that MongoDB Ops Manager already brings to enterprises.

This allows admins and developers to work with the Kubernetes API to control their containerized applications and their MongoDB clusters and enjoy a consistent experience whether the deployment is on-premises, public cloud or hybrid.

The MongoDB Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes works with MongoDB Ops Manager or MongoDB Cloud Manager and provides your Kubernetes environment with the following advantages:

  • An ability to deploy, scale and automate MongoDB clusters of any type or size from standalone to sharded clusters.
  • Facilities that allow the enforcing of standardized cluster configurations such as security settings, resilience, resource limits, and more.
  • A centralized logging system that enables the collection, analysis and storage of logs from across the cluster, all in your preferred tool.

For more information, see the Kubernetes product page or consult the MongoDB Enterprise Operator documentation.