MongoDB and Realm make it easy to work with data, together

Eliot Horowitz


The best thing in the world is when someone just gets you, and you get them, because when you share a vision of the world like that, you can do incredible things together. That’s exactly the case with MongoDB and Realm, so I’m very happy to report that MongoDB has just entered into an agreement to acquire Realm.

Realm, like us, understands that data is the heart of modern applications, and has made working with data on mobile devices incredibly easy. Every time I’ve extolled the virtues of MongoDB for just getting out of your way and letting you work, I might as well have been talking about Realm.

Realm’s multi-language, cross-platform SDK provides a natural way to work with data in a mobile environment and is designed from the ground up to handle the intricacies of a mobile platform. Developers trust Realm to handle their data and love how productive it makes them.

Realm and MongoDB are a natural fit because we share a vision that when developers can interact naturally with data, they are happier and more productive, and because our products are complementary. We’re excited to get to work crafting our shared roadmap and will be ready to announce concrete details at our annual global conference, MongoDB World, held June 17-19 in New York City.

One key principle guiding that process is simple: we will not introduce backwards breaking changes. Developers should keep the experience they love, and gain (optional) new ways to easily work with data. That means strengthening, enhancing and growing the core Realm database, while bringing MongoDB's global backend capabilities into the Realm mobile developers toolbox. In turn, this will create an extensive mobile platform that will make both databases equally easy to work with, individually or together.

I’m looking forward to sharing the specifics, and I hope to meet a lot of Realm users at MongoDB World, so we’re extending an invitation for current Realm customers to attend for 50% off by using the code ‘WELCOMEREALM’ when registering.