MongoDB and Node.js at 10gen



With their strong roots in JavaScript, Node.js and MongoDB have always been a natural fit, and the Node.js community has embraced MongoDB with a number of open source projects. To support the community’s efforts, 10gen is happy to announce that the MongoDB Node.js driver will join the existing set of 12 officially supported drivers for MongoDB.

The Node.js driver was born out of necessity. Christian Kvalheim started using Node.js in early 2010. He had heard good things about MongoDB but was disappointed to discover that no native driver had yet been developed. So, he got to work. Over the past two years, Christian has done amazing work in his driver, and it has matured through the contributions of a large community and the rigors of production. For some time now, the driver has been on par with 10gen’s officially supported MongoDB drivers.  So we were naturally thrilled to welcome Christian full time at 10gen to continue his work on the Node.js driver.

If you’ve used MongoDB with Node.js, you’re probably familiar with Mongoose, a popular object-document mapper that’s used atop the Node.js driver. We’re really excited to announce that Aaron Heckmann, one of the authors of Mongoose, has also joined the 10gen team.

10gen is fully committed to making MongoDB a first class citizen in the Node.js ecosystem. We’ve partnered with Node.js advocates Joyent and Microsoft. We’ve seen fantastic companies built on Node.js and MongoDB like Learnboost,, and Trello. And with Aaron and Christian on board, we see a very promising future for developers wanting to use MongoDB with Node.js.

Curious about the driver and how it works? Check out the documentation and watch some sessions on MongoDB’s integration with Node.js.

Node.js Language Center
MongoDB and Node.js Presentations 

Interested in working on MongoDB and Node.js? Drop us a line. We continue to look for other great engineers to join us in this effort.

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