MongoDB 4.2 support in MongoDB Node.js 3.3.0 driver


The MongoDB Node.js team released version 3.3.0 of their driver, with the highlight being version 4.2 server support. That means the driver can handle distributed transactions, On-Demand Materialized Views, Wildcard Indexes, retryable reads and supports the other enhancements made to the MongoDB Query Language including pipeline enabled updates.

Also included in the 3.3.0 driver is the enhanced SRV polling mechanism for sharded clusters. This feature allows applications that connect to a sharded cluster using SRV records to automatically update their knowledge of the clusters topology while running, rather than only on startup.

Internally, what was a two part driver - a low-level mongodb-core and a high-level node-mongodb-native - have now been merged with mongodb-core absorbed by node-mongodb-native. This merger should help speed up the development process of delivering the latest in MongoDB Node.js support.

You can find out more about the MongoDB Node.js driver 3.3.0, including a full list of new features and fixes in the release notes. Documentation for 3.3 covers how to use the driver and a full 3.3 API reference is also available. The package itself is available on npm.