MongoDB 4.2 is now GA: Ready for your Production Apps

Eliot Horowitz

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At MongoDB World in June, I announced the MongoDB Server 4.2 release candidate. Since then, a lot of you have been putting it through its paces. Over 100,000 instances have been spun up – either by getting the binaries from our Download Center or by provisioning a cluster in the MongoDB Atlas cloud service. Now I’m excited to announce that 4.2 is Generally Available (GA) and ready for production deployments.


MongoDB 4.2 is already 100,000 instances strong

Eliot Horowitz, MongoDB CTO and Co-Founder

Key highlights of MongoDB 4.2 include:

  • Distributed Transactions extending MongoDB’s multi-document ACID guarantees from replica sets to sharded clusters, enabling you to serve an ever broader range of use cases. You can see Distributed Transactions in action by watching the demo during my MongoDB World keynote.
  • On-Demand Materialized Views using the new $merge operator. Caching the output of a large aggregation in a collection is a common pattern, and the new $merge operator lets you update those results efficiently instead of completely recalculating them. Take a look at this blog to get started.
  • Wildcard Indexes make it easy and natural to model highly heterogeneous collections like product catalogs, without sacrificing great index support. You simply define a filter that automatically indexes all matching fields, sub-documents, and arrays in a collection. Watch the demo to learn more.
  • MongoDB Query Language enhancements such as more expressive updates, new math operators, and expanded regex support. update and findAndModify commands can now reference existing fields, and incorporate aggregation pipelines for even more expressivity. Check out this blog to see examples of how all of this helps you write more powerful queries with less code.
  • Retryable Reads and Writes, reducing the complexity of writing code that handles transient cluster failures.

Client-side Field Level Encryption (FLE) was also announced as part of MongoDB 4.2 and is now available in beta. With FLE you can selectively protect sensitive fields within documents, each encrypted with its own key and decrypted seamlessly on the client. At this time, driver support for FLE is at beta status - so, while you can evaluate the feature, FLE should not be used in production for now.

MongoDB is the general-purpose database for modern applications, bringing together the power of the document model, intelligent distributed systems, and the ability to run it anywhere, from laptops to mainframes, in public and private clouds. If you want to take MongoDB 4.2 for a spin, the fastest and easiest way is to launch a cluster on MongoDB Atlas, available in over 60 regions on AWS, Azure, and GCP. You can get started with $200 of free credits by using the code MONGODB4DOT2, until the end of 2019.

Alternatively you can download and run 4.2 on your own infrastructure. With the the MongoDB Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes, you can deploy and manage MongoDB through Kubernetes with a consistent experience from on-premises to cloud.

To learn more about MongoDB 4.2, here is a list of additional resources:

Meanwhile, we are already working on the next major MongoDB server release. Thanks to all of you who have evaluated the Release Candidate, and we look forward to working with you in building the best data platform for modern apps.