MongoDB 3.1.8 is released



MongoDB 3.1.8 has been released. As a reminder, 3.1.8 is a development release and is not intended for production use. The 3.1 series will evolve into 3.2, which will be for production.

New/fixed in this release:

- SERVER-785 Support Filtered (Partial) Indexes
- SERVER-2227 Per index access stats
- SERVER-12015 Reenable use of covering indexes with aggregation
- SERVER-19007 Built-in facility for full-time diagnostic data capture
- SERVER-19551 Keep “milestones” against WT oplog to efficiently remove old records
- SERVER-19975 30% performance regression on simple insert workload on primary
- SERVER-20204 Segmentation fault during index build on 3.0 secondary

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As always, please let us know of any issues.

– The MongoDB Team