MongoDB 3.0 and MongoDB Ops Manager are Now Generally Available



MongoDB 3.0 is now generally available for production deployments - download the community version or MongoDB Enterprise, with Ops Manager today.

Thank you to our community for participating in the bug hunt and for helping to ensure that MongoDB 3.0 is production ready for mission-critical applications.

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MongoDB 3.0 reduces operational overhead by up to 95%, has 7x-10x better write performance, reduces on-disk database size by up to 80%, and dramatically increases the ability to deliver apps to market quickly and efficiently.

There are a number of resources to help you learn more about the release of MongoDB 3.0 and Ops Manager:

Hear what our customers have to say about MongoDB 3.0 and MongoDB Ops Manager in our press release.

On MongoDB 3.0
“Part of Soundwave's success stems from migrating the original app early from MySQL to MongoDB. MongoDB is not constrained by a rigid schema, so development is much faster and more iterative," said David Lynch, Principal Engineer at Soundwave. "Now as the app continues to grow in use, using the latest version of MongoDB is key for us. We're seeing significantly better write performance and great compression in testing, which will enable us to easily scale with the demands of our traffic and data volumes while also lowering our production costs.”

“The Sailthru team is excited about what MongoDB 3.0 will do for our massive production deployment," said Jeffrey Berger, Lead Database Administrator at SailThru. "In our tests, the compression factor alone will dramatically improve our hardware utilization, saving us immense amounts of money and time.”

On MongoDB Ops Manager
“The new automation features of Ops Manager have blown me away! I have used it to deploy replica sets, which I can now do at the click of a button, rather than dozens of manual steps previously,” said Laurence Moughan, Unix Systems Administration & Infrastructure Services at Aer Lingus. “Reconfiguring running instances is a breeze. The monitoring capabilities give me all the stats I could ever need to proactively manage my MongoDB deployment. Ops Manager will save our operations team many hours. I can't wait to get it into production!”

For additional customer quotes on MongoDB 3.0, including BuzzFeed, Chico’s FAS, eBay and Parse, visit here.

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