MongoDB 3.5.1 is released



MongoDB 3.5.1 has been released. As a reminder, 3.5.1 is a development release and is not intended for production use. The 3.5 series will evolve into 3.6, which will be for production.

New/fixed in this release:

  • SERVER-27048 Fix recursive lock issue leading to deadlock or crash in LegacySession
  • SERVER-27053 Possibility to confirm w:majority write that has been rolled back
  • SERVER-27124 Disallow readConcern:majority reads on pv0
  • SERVER-27201 $graphLookup triggers null pointer dereference
  • SERVER-27207 Find on view with sort through mongos may incorrectly return empty result set
  • SERVER-27213 Two $match stages combine incorrectly, yielding incorrect results.
  • SERVER-27300 Disallow indexing of BSONType::Symbol with a non-simple collation
  • SERVER-27210 3.4.0 mongo shell unable to connect using MongoURI with "ssl=true"
  • SERVER-27271 rolesInfo command raises System.InvalidOperationException : Duplicate element name 'roles'.
  • SERVER-26870 Sometimes collection data file is not removed even though collection is dropped
  • SERVER-8308 Javascript shell max call stack exceeded on deeply nested json object
  • SERVER-27177 Segfault after lowering jsHeapLimitMB
  • SERVER-20113 File descriptors can be exhausted by killing map/reduce jobs on WiredTiger
  • SERVER-23715 Failure of mmap() call should terminate mongod
  • SERVER-23759 shutting down a node while replication is initializing can crash
  • SERVER-23916 Remove currentOpCtx command
  • SERVER-23976 repairDatabase command on a new, different-cased database terminates server
  • SERVER-24128 Namespace parsing in commands code must reject embedded null bytes
  • SERVER-24563 Secondary crash when inserting document into db with different case
  • SERVER-24963 Concurrent collection.drop() and system.indexes.count() can trigger an fassert
  • SERVER-27065 Segfault in building an aggregation
  • SERVER-27074 Update to Mozilla Javascript ESR 45.5.0
  • SERVER-27217 Allow nopreallocj to be specified in YAML config file
  • SERVER-27246 Running applyOps with an op on a nonexistent database using mmapv1 will crash mongod
  • WT-2670 Inefficient I/O when read full DB (poor readahead)
  • WT-2960 Inserting multi-megabyte values can cause pathological lookaside usage
  • WT-2969 Possible snapshot corruption during compaction
  • WT-3028 Workloads with all dirty pages could trigger diagnostic stuck check
  • WT-3048 WiredTiger maximum size warning uses the wrong format.
  • WT-3052 Improve search if an index hint is wrong

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As always, please let us know of any issues.

-- The MongoDB Team