MongoDB 1.8 Released



We are happy to announce that MongoDB v1.8.0 is now available. 1.8 is the stable follow-up release to 1.6, which came out in August of 2010. Version 1.8 introduces many new features, along with bug fixes and other improvements. Some of the highlights:

A journaling storage engine has been one of the most requested and discussed features within the MongoDB community, and we’re happy to announce that journaling is now available. With journaling enabled, crash recovery is fast and safe.

There were no major changes to sharding, but this release includes many internal improvements, making for a vastly improved experience. As an example, splitting and balancing are considerably faster, with less impact on the overall system.

Release Notes:
Full change log:

We hosted a webinar on 3/17 providing more details on what’s new in MongoDB v1.8. The recording and slides are available on

Thanks to the MongoDB user community for providing feedback and for testing through the 1.7.x development series.