MongoDB 1.4 Ready for Production



The MongoDB team is very excited to announce the release of MongoDB 1.4.0.  This is the culmination of 3 months of work in the 1.3 branch and has a large number of very important changes.

Many users have been running 1.3 in production, so this release is already very thoroghly vetted both by our regressions systems and by real users.

Some highlights:

Core server enhancements

Replication & Sharding

  • better handling for restarting slaves offline for a while
  • fast new slaves from snapshots
  • configurable slave delay
  • replication handles clock skew on master
  • $inc replication fixes
  • sharding alpha 3 - notably 2 phase commit on config servers

Deployment & production

  • configure “slow” for profiling
  • ability to do fsync + lock for backing up raw files
  • option for separate directory per db
  • http://localhost:28017/_status to get serverStatus via http
  • REST interface is off by default for security (–rest to enable)
  • can rotate logs with a db command, logRotate
  • enhancements to serverStatus - counters/replication lag
  • new mongostat tool and db.serverStatus() enhancements

Query language improvements



Full Change Log: jira

Release Notes:

Thanks for all your continued support, and we hope MongoDB 1.4 works great for you.

As always, please let us know of any issues,

-Eliot and the MongoDB Team