Mobile Sync for iOS Now In Beta

Dj Walker-Morgan


Please note: This article discusses MongoDB Mobile/Sync. These are products that are currently being deprecated as we work towards a public beta of MongoDB Realm. To learn more about this, see the MongoDB Realm site.

We know you've been waiting for it and now here it is, the beta release for MongoDB Mobile Sync for iOS is now available. Ever since the Android version of Mobile Sync entered beta, we've been asked when would the iOS beta appear and now, it's here and ready for you to start developing your next, great mobile app.

About MongoDB Mobile Sync

If you're new to Mobile Sync, a quick introduction is in order. MongoDB Mobile is a version of MongoDB which is embeddable in applications on Android, iOS and other systems. It offers an application the choice of working with a local database or, through the same API, a remote MongoDB Atlas database in the cloud with local synchronization to a MongoDB Mobile database.

Underlying this synchronization is MongoDB Stitch which provides a controlled gateway for mobile applications to work with the MongoDB Atlas databases. The SDK for Mobile Sync allows a developer to configure the sync rules within a Stitch application and then simply paste the application id into the mobile application to configure it.

Now Beta for iOS

With the arrival of MongoDB Mobile Sync for iOS beta, applications on the iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices will be able to make use of this synchronization option. If you want to get going with the beta, head over to the documentation and browse the tutorial.

If you don't already have a MongoDB Atlas deployment, remember you can get an M0 cluster for free by simply signing up. Deploy a free cluster in minutes.