MMS Release Notes: Settings Refactor, UI Changes, and new Alerts



We released another round of UI beautification for MMS on September 9th, and we wanted to make sure our customers knew about all of the changes:

  • An overhaul of the settings page. This is now named “Administration” and has tabs within it for billing, API keys, personal settings, group settings, user administration, and more. Billing has also been moved from the backup tab to this tab, along with invoice history.
  • The Billing and Payment History page itself received a UI refresh as well.
  • A new agent widget, located in the top right hand corner, will give tips about the status of all the agents along with a shortcut to their logs.
  • The Monitoring Icon was renamed to “Deployment”, and a “Servers” icon was added. Clicking the servers icon will show all the information we currently have about the servers hosting your MongoDB deployment.

We also added a new alert - customers who are backing up a sharded cluster can now be notified if that cluster does not have a MongoS.

Both the monitoring agent and backup agent received fixes and new functionality for authentication using MongoDB 2.4 style client certificates. See the release notes for the agents here for more details.