MMS OnPrem 1.4.2 Release Notes



Several weeks ago, the MongoDB Management Service launched OnPrem 1.4 with Backup. MMS OnPrem is the self-hosted sibling to our cloud product, packaged up into a service that customers can run within their own private environment. On May 29th, we released OnPrem 1.4.2, which contains some small changes geared toward the requirements of our enterprise customers. Specifically:

  • One critical bug fix for backing up MongoDB 2.6 deployments that include user or custom role definitions, where the system.version collection in the admin database will be included in all future snapshots and the system.roles collection in the admin database will be included after a new initial sync is performed.
  • Users capturing backups with MMS of MongoDB 2.6 replica sets or clusters that include custom role definitions should perform a new initial sync to ensure that the role definitions are included in the backup. Disable MongoDB usePowerOf2Sizes for insert-only MMS Backup collections.
  • Speed optimization for MMS Backup HTTP pull restores.
  • A fix for LDAP integration, MMS now passes full dn correctly when authenticating the user.
  • MMS OnPrem provides an easily integrated backup solution for MongoDB in house, providing point-in-time recovery for replica sets and cluster-wide snapshots of sharded systems. MMS OnPrem is included as part of our MongoDB subscription.

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    -Rachelle (@techbelle)