MMS is now MongoDB Cloud Manager

Leng Lee


Today we’re announcing changes to MongoDB Management Service (MMS) that our user community should be aware of:

1. Name change

MMS is now MongoDB Cloud Manager. This name is consistent with our on-premises management product, MongoDB Ops Manager.

2. Simplified pricing for new groups

Any new groups that you create will be part of a free trial of Cloud Manager*. We invite you to use this 30-day period to explore the rich functionality Cloud Manager offers, including new automated provisioning and configuration management features.

Existing groups will not be affected by these changes.

New to Cloud Manager?

Cloud Manager provides a single, unified interface to perform the tasks required to maintain a healthy MongoDB deployment. Here are a few of the tasks that you can do with Cloud Manager:

  • Monitor important stats like opcounters and connections at 1 minute granularity
  • Receive alerts when key metrics are out of range
  • Automate backups
  • Upgrade MongoDB with zero downtime
  • Easily create sharded clusters and replica sets

Cloud Manager is the easiest way to run MongoDB. Get started now:

Start Free Trial
*If you currently have access to automation, your new groups are not eligible for a free trial period.

About the Author - Leng Lee

Leng Lee is the Director of Product (Cloud) at MongoDB. Previously he was Director of Product at Codecademy where he was the first employee.