MacOSX Preferences Pane for MongoDB



This is a guest post from

RémySAISSY of OCTOTechnology

In my work as a developer, I keep a full development environment with several MongoDB instances and data sets on mylaptop. As an OS X user, I love having beautiful and efficient applications to do everything.

Today,I have the pleasure to announce the release of the MacOSX Preferences Pane for MongoDB.

What is it for?

The MacOSX preferences pane for MongoDB aims to provide a simple and efficient user interface to control the status of a local MongoDB server, just like the MySQL Preferences Pane.

My focus has been on simplicity, and it has the following features:

  • It runs on MacOSX Snow Leopard, Lion and Moutain Lion
  • You can manually start and stop the MongoDB server from your system control panel.
  •  You can configure MongoDB to start and stop automatically with your system.

 If use Homebrew, and you have customized your system’s launchd plist, the MacOSX Preferences pane for MongoDB will:

  • migrate your exiting launchd configuration for use with the preferences pane
  • keep all launchd configurations your customizations through a;; enable/disable cycles 

To prevent upgrade issues from taking time and attention the preference pane comes with an automatic update mecanism. Once a new version has been installed, the preferences pane will simply ask you to restart your preferences pane to start using the new version.


Sounds good but I am not an English speaker

The preferences pane for MongoDB comes in several languages :

  •  English
  • French
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Brazilian/Portugese

Feel free to contribute by adding a new language!


Since it is only a preferences pane, it does not embed a MongoDB Server. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is installing MongoDB.

A simple way to accomplish this is to use Homebrew:

$brew install mongodb


TheMongoDB Preferences Pane is available on Github:

    1. Download the latest version:
    2. Unzip
    3. Double click on MongoDB.prefPane

That’s all.

I hope this will be useful. Do not hesitate to contribute and send me your feedback!