Introducing the MongoDB Management Service Activity Feed

Meghan Gill


Now it’s even easier to let MongoDB Management Service (MMS) alert you of performance issues. When you log into MMS to monitor your servers, you'll see that we’ve combined alerts and events into a single activity feed. We've also added several new features for an overall improved user experience.

The Activity tab in MMS now provides you with a consolidated view of events as well as open alerts. From the Activity feed, you can acknowledge open alerts and see your recent events, such as host restarts, host additions or elections. You’ll also know if you have any open alerts when the bell icon is highlighted on the top of your screen.

Within Alert Settings, you can create new alerts across a variety of metrics. You can also target alerts for specific hosts. For example, you can be alerted when lock percentage exceeds 20 for hosts with hostnames that contain “prod.” The alert can be sent to your entire MMS group as well as to a specified email address or phone number.

Once created, you’ll see your new alert in Alert Settings.

From that page, you can easily edit, clone, disable or delete the alert that you created.

With these improvements in place, we expect MMS users to take greater advantage of the alerting capabilities in MMS. If you need guidance on the best alerts to keep your deployment on track, here are our top 5 recommended alerts to get you started or you can join our upcoming webinar on the same topic. And if you haven’t started monitoring MongoDB with MMS, you can create your free account at

Special thanks Dan Spinosa at and the other MMS users that helped test and provide feedback on the activity feed!