Introducing: MongoDB CLI Atlas Quick Start

Expedite your intro to Atlas with MongoDB CLI quick start

Atlas is built by developers for developers, and where do developers work? In the terminal.

But the terminal can feel like a bit of black box (no pun intended) because there’s often little to no guidance when getting started. Developers are often left jumping in and out of the terminal to visit documentation for next steps and critical commands creating a flawed workflow that’s draining on productivity. But not anymore — The MongoDB CLI Atlas quick start provides a guided, interactive workflow that lets developers work from where they both need and want.

The MongoDB CLI Atlas quick start allows you to spin up a fully functional, new cluster on Atlas in minutes without ever leaving your terminal. This guided experience streamlines the set up process in the CLI so you can begin working within Atlas, faster. For more information, check out our MongoDB CLI page and documentation.


Watch this short demo from our most recent MongoDB .live event to help you get started.

Stay tuned

We look forward to sharing more updates with you in the near future! We encourage you to share your suggestions and feedback with us in our CLI feedback engine so we can prioritize working on what helps you work best.

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