How to Lower Your MongoDB Backup Bill



Using MongoDB Management Service, you can back up MongoDB with ease and rest assured that you always have a reliable backup. The service is pay-as-you-go based on a combination of snapshot storage and oplog processing fees. We offer a free tier to get you started.

To get an idea of what your monthly costs would be, you can hook up monitoring, which is a completely free service, and view an estimate of your monthly bill within MMS. However, that estimate doesn’t tell the full story. There are also two ways that you can further tune your costs.

Option 1: Exclude non-critical collections: Not all data is created equal. By excluding collections, your backup and restore strategy – and budget – can center around the mission critical data. Many of our customers chose to exclude their non-critical logging, caching or analytics data from backup.

Option 2: Set a custom snapshot schedule and retention policy: By default, MMS takes snapshots every 6 hours, and retains them according to a standard policy (hourly snapshots stored for 2 days, daily snapshots stored for a week, the weekly snapshots stored for a month, monthly snapshots stored for a year). You can also customize both the frequency of the snapshots captured and the length of time that the snapshots are retained in order to further control your costs.

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