Forbes Succeeds with MongoDB



After nearly 100 years as the largest U.S. based business media brand, Forbes has established itself as a technology leader in the news industry. To compete in a new mobile environment, Forbes designed a next-generation mobile application to better engage users with their stories. They turned to MongoDB to create a new infrastructure for engaging and dynamic content.

Steven Bond, the group director for the Software Development Team, chose MongoDB for its intuitive web interface, ease of use, and low cost. Says Bond of his experience with MongoDB, “it just works.”

MongoDB made it possible for to store all of its data in a single database. This database contains information on nearly one million articles from thousands of global contributors and more than one hundred twenty thousand users, companies and place list entries. With MongoDB, Forbes is able to aggregate its data, connect it to its mobile and web applications, and integrate partner feeds from a centralized location, creating a rich user experience.

“The beauty of MongoDB is that we can constantly evolve without reengineering our entire approach,” says Bond. In his next project, Bond aims to use social media statistics to predict where users will consume content in the future and the kinds of content that will drive traffic. With MongoDB, Bond will help Forbes change how news is consumed and understood.